DOTS Tech Systems


Connecting things that matter

Dots is an IoT solutions enabler in several formats of engagement for Government and Enterprise Users. The company is engaged in the design, engineering and implementation of IoT solutions across industry verticals. Dots specializes converting IoT concepts into deployable solutions in a rapid delivery format. Dots has a bouquet of pre-configured IoT applications and also delivers tailor made solutions. Dots has a smart services delivery platform with associated components in order for IoT applications to work. Engagements with Government, Manufacturers, Telecom, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Education, Airports, Buildings, Transportation and Data Centers are some of the use cases the Dots team can deliver.

Smart City Services

Smart cities make information available to the right people in real time, allowing them to take proactive action, use resources more efficiently, matching the supply of services to demand...

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Mobile Assets Management

Mobile assets fleet managers need help with a range of problems including tracing location, activities of field staff, efficient scheduling, avoiding theft of mobile assets and minimizing down times...

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Fixed Assets Management

Mission critical assets such as IT systems, CCTV, UPS, Power backup generators, HVAC systems if not pro-actively managed can fail without notice and lead to serious business interruptions...

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Maritime and Satellite Solutions

Critical assets for Marine application need to be monitored to ensure that all key systems are functioning within the desired operational range. The ability to sort problems out remotely is vital...

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

In order to avoid downtimes and heavy losses, manufacturers need to ensure all their equipment and machines are functioning with optimal performance. This necessitates monitoring of machines...

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Smart Living and Home Automation

State of the art technology that integrates and manages all the electromechanical equipment, lights, audio/video systems, security and life safety systems and devices in a home to function seamlessly...

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Remote Engineering Services

Back office engineering, remote engineering, remote commissioning, graphics and point mapping activities are some of the services that are possible...

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